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#  Friday, October 14, 2005

Remember my call to action in Web applications and SMTP proxies don't mix well (it seems)? I mentioned that I am guilty as well - not only for Web applications as it turned out, but also for other server-based software, such as the Subversion post-commit hook I wrote.

You can already guess the contents of the change log (the last public version was 1.7):

  • SMTP authentication & SMTP server port options added

If you are running the hook today, all you need to do is copy the new post-commit.exe over your existing one (assuming you use 1.7), and add the following four lines to your post-commit.exe.config's <appSettings> section:

<add key="SMTPAuthentication" value="" />
<add key="SMTPServerPort" value="25" />
<add key="SMTPUsername" value="username" />
<add key="SMTPPassword" value="password" />

Those values default post-commit.exe to the 1.7 behavior. To use authentication, set SMTPAuthentication to BASIC, and provide username and password. Most of the time, you will not need to play with the server port.

Finally, here is the usual binary & source code archive:

SvnPostCommitHook1.8.0.51014.zip (424.24 KB)

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Friday, October 14, 2005 11:23:35 AM (W. Europe Daylight Time, UTC+02:00)  #    Comments [3]


Friday, March 10, 2006 5:40:57 AM (W. Europe Standard Time, UTC+01:00)
Hey there... I've got some extensions to the SvnPostCommitHook that you've written. If you're interested in my work, let me know and we can figure out a way to merge. Thanks. :-)
Monday, October 23, 2006 10:37:23 AM (W. Europe Daylight Time, UTC+02:00)

Just wanted you to know that the version of DotNetOpenMail (0.5.1b) you are using has a problem with dates on none english systems. See http://dotnetopenmail.sourceforge.net/ (0.5.3b..has one fix to the RFC 2822 Date for non-English systems)

I upgraded my own to 0.5.8b and now i dont get emails send in 1-1-1970 :)

best regareds
Henrik Pedersen
Henrik Pedersen
Wednesday, November 1, 2006 9:44:26 AM (W. Europe Standard Time, UTC+01:00)
hi, i don't know if any body like me encountered the text encoding problem.
1. svnlook output is native encoding text, in my case "big5"(it contains Trad. Chinese)
2. but SvnPostCommitHook read the output as "utf-8"
3. and send mail by dotnetopenmail as default charset "iso-8859-1"
so the mail sent were all messed when svn log contains Chinese
here i try to modify the SvnPostCommitHook codes to solved this problem, here is the hint
1. in SilentCmdLineApplication.cs convert the ExecWaitWithCapture output from native encoding(BIG5) to UTF8
read output from byte to bytes(nativeBytes)
utf8Bytes = Encoding.Convert(Encoding.GetEncoding("BIG5"), Encoding.UTF8, nativeBytes);
rewrite utf8Bytes to output
2. in SmtpMailer send() specify the charset of msg
msg.TextPart.CharSet = System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding("UTF-8");
it work in my system but however i am novice of SVN and C#(this is the first time i coding c#!!) and also i don't know if this work on others languages system.
if anyone has the locals text problem, and want try my fixes/sources, plz email to me, so can verify the fixes and feedback to original author of SvnPostCommitHook
ob.yann at gmail dot com
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